Fake news smears against Covington Catholic School students prove how left-wing media is deliberately inciting mob violence against whites

The fake news media of the radical Left has crossed the tipping point. With their relentless attacks and fabricated smears against Covington Catholic School students, the media’s “journo-terrorists” have proven that they are deliberately inciting mob violence to poison America.

Over the weekend, the bigoted, deranged left-wing media hoaxed the entire nation, falsely claiming that young students from the Covington Catholic School assaulted and harassed an innocent Native American man who claims to be a Vietnam veteran. In truth, the man is a crisis actor provocateur with a long history of fabricating fake accusations against young white students while claiming to be the victim of racial aggression that never happened.

“It turns out that Nathan Phillips is raising money with the help of a major big-money left-wing operation, and has a history of appearing in the press claiming to be a victim of anti-Native racism,” reports Zero Hedge. “In 2015, Phillips claimed that he was ‘bombarded by racial slurs’ by students at Eastern Michigan University… Additionally, Phillips starred in a 2012 Skrillex video called ‘Make It Bun Dem,’ in which Phillips does some spiritual warfare connected to a violent attack on a police officer.”

Fake news media ignores the truth and publishes LIES designed to foment outrage, violence and chaos… the “media” has now become a cartel of terrorists

The media knew their story was false, but they ran with it anyway in an effort to poison America, smear religious white youth and incite violence among left-wing mobs across the country.

The deranged, lunatic Left responded in predictable fashion, with mentally ill Hollywood activists and left-wing news reporters going ballistic, calling for all the students to be burned alive in their own school. Some on the Left called for a mass school shooting to murder the students, and one person said the students should be murdered and their organs harvested. The Left went absolutely insane, just as engineered by the journo-terrorism media.

“Two students from Covington Catholic High School spoke to 16-year-old conservative political commentator CJ Pearson about how the media has impacted their lives over an out of context video,” reports The Gateway Pundit, which is providing some of the best breaking news coverage of the backlash against the deceptive fake news media. “The students in the video, who identified themselves as Sam and Grant, have been harassed and threatened by a swarm of leftist journalists and celebrities over a fake account of what happened to them in the viral video of them being confronted by a far-left Native American protester.”


These reckless actions by the left-wing media are not protected by the First Amendment… they are felony crimes of inciting violence against specific targeted individuals

Their actions by the reckless left-wing media are not protected by the First Amendment. What the left-wing media has done is equivalent to shouting “fire” in a crowded theater. They knew their stories were fabricated. They deliberately weaved a narrative completely out of context, and they pursued this agenda with precision and malice in order to poison the minds of the American people and incite mob violence.

It is time for President Trump to order the mass arrest of the left-wing journo-terrorists who are now engaged in acts of war against the American people. These radical, anti-American propagandists have essentially declared themselves to be enemy combatants in a civil war they are desperately trying to foment for political purposes.

These reckless actions pursued by the media are designed to set off a violent confrontation and get people killed. And it is now abundantly clear that the irresponsible, anti-America media of the Left absolutely will not stop poisoning this nation until they are forced to stop. President Trump must call for the arrest of the journo-terrorists and the dismantling of their deceptive platforms.

Watch my segment on InfoWars, breaking down the truth about how the left-wing media is now clearly a cartel of enemy combatants who are at war with innocent Americans.


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