Stunning video: See why Democrats are now the party of mass mental illness

See the video proof that Democrats have now become the party of mass mental illness. “Unhinged” doesn’t even begin to describe the lunatic behavior of left-wing activists. One left-wing professor named Christine Fair recently said that conservative (GOP) senators should be murdered, have their genitals cut off, and then their genitals should be fed to pigs.

Mental illness is now fully embraced by the Left as an asset, not a condition requiring medical intervention. Instead of seeking treatment, these dangerous mentally ill people are seeking power. If they could only gain power over everyone else, they could rewrite the science books to remove all references to male / female anatomy and achieve their “genderless utopia” of equality. And if they could just silence all conservative voices, they could dominate all online conversations with left-wing gibberish that defies rationality or reason.

No wonder so many former Democrats are leaving the party and escaping the lunacy of the Left. Brandon Straka, for example, has launched the highly successful #walkaway movement. Many young people are bucking the trend, too, and coming out as conservatives.

The following video compiles many of the best examples of mass mental illness by deranged Leftists, ranging from violent Antifa terrorists to anti-GOP online activists who openly call for murdering all men in sight.

Watch and share everywhere. This is what’s coming to America if the Democrats win the coming mid-term elections: Total lunacy, insanity and left-wing violence against America.

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