ISIS recruited child refugees, hundreds now ‘missing’ in the U.K. alone

ISIS has been recruiting lone children by paying their way to Europe. A counter-extremism firm named the Quilliam Foundation released a report warning that hundreds of children who migrated to the U.K. are now missing. Many children have been radicalized and paid by ISIS, and are likely to have vanished into the organization’s care.

Refugee camps serve as recruiting grounds for the terrorist organization. They are feeding children to gain their trust before shipping them off to Europe. Extremists are also infiltrating refugee centers and mosques in Europe, looking to radicalize those who have lost faith in their new country’s system. The children are very valuable to the organization. ISIS is reaching out to children in efforts to fill the void in adult fighters who have been detained and to further grow their forces.

Lone refugees are most susceptible to extremist recruitment efforts, but the report indicates that over 90 percent of refugees used an illegal enterprise during their journey. There are many underage asylum seekers who are desperate for care, and the extremists are reeling them in. Recruits from Lebanon and Jordan are being offered up to $2,000. And recruits from the North African Coast or travailing via the Mediterranean are being offered up to $1,000.

Refugees must pay $560 for smugglers to take them across the Mediterranean route. ISIS is using that to their advantage, providing child refugees with food, cash, security, and free travel across the sea. 10,000 lone refugee children have vanished since their European arrival. Many of those children have vanished into the care of the criminal entities that brought them there.  (RELATED: Find conservative news stories at

Governments are planning to unveil counter efforts against children falling into the wrong hands, which will most likely see a boost in available foster care placement. UNICEF U.K. deputy executive director Lily Caprani believes that many children fall into the wrong hands because the system isn’t getting them in safely. “We need to ensure that children in danger are helped by the law, cared for and educated, and not pulled into a new horror by the lawless,” said Capnari. (RELATED: Find open borders news at

The government needs to step up their game and prevent lone children from falling into the wrong environment. Not getting these children in properly is unsafe at every angle. Children need to be saved from the Islamic State, but the Islamic State are the ones befriending them and providing incentives.


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