Four thugs in custody after kidnapping disabled white teen and torturing him on Facebook Live

What could perhaps end up being the most disgusting news story of 2017 has already taken place, mere days into the fiscal year. In what sounds like the plot of a horror movie, a young woman named Brittany Herring posted a video on Facebook Live showing her and three of her friends smoking and attacking a mentally challenged white kid that they had kidnapped and tied up.

In the horrific video, four black youths berate the young man, saying, “F*** white people! F*** Donald Trump!” Then they proceed to attack him, even scalping him at one point and later forcing him to drink toilet water. It is an absolutely heinous assault that shows just how evil these four thugs are.

It is one of the most upsetting news videos released in the past decade, so brace yourself before watching:

It didn’t stop there, though. Scott Greer of The Daily Caller reports, “More videos emerged later on Wednesday of the crime. In one, the suspects threaten their victim with a knife and beat him before he was tied up. The victim can be heard screaming and pleaded with his attackers to stop. It ends with one of the attackers saying he’s going to ‘shank’ the white male.”

What’s most upsetting about the coverage of this story is that it took mainstream publications hours to acknowledge it. Only after pressure from conservative journalists and pundits did all of the left-leaning media outlets begin to cover it. Even then, they did everything in their power to avoid mentioning just how evil the four people are. Don Lemon of CNN went as far as to say that they shouldn’t be labeled as evil.

If these four people aren’t evil, then who is? It is time that we accept the fact that, regardless of what the Regressive Left wants us to believe, there is a very serious problem with identity politics in this country. By telling everyone that only are white people the sole perpetrators of racism, and that no other ethnic group can hold racist ideologies, the mainstream media has promoted this kind of behavior. They push the idea that hate crimes cannot be committed against white people. But when there is video evidence of these four black youths attacking and berating a white person because of their race, there is no denying that a hate crime has taken place.

We have to get tough about these kinds of things. We have to call them the way that they are and stop letting the leftists get away with this.


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