Minnesota mall terrorist stopped, killed by concealed carry gun owner

Another day, another terrorist attack. No matter how outraged we get by these actions, nothing seems to be changing in regards to the violence that is taking place all over the world.

It was recently revealed that the horrific knife attack at the St. Cloud Crossroads Mall in Minnesota that left eight injured was fueled by religious extremism. The attacker, who has been identified as 22-year-old Dahir A Adan, asked victims if they were Muslim before attacking them with a knife.

Thankfully, Adan’s reign of terror was ended abruptly by an off-duty police officer who shot and killed the terrorist. The police officer is a concealed carry gun owner, which helps prove what many conservatives and libertarians have been claiming for years: a good guy with a gun can certainly stop a bad guy with a gun — and especially a bad guy with a knife.

Regardless of how hard the Regressive Left tries to convince the American public that there is no threat of radical Islamic terrorism on United States soil, there is clearly a major problem when it comes to the violent ideology. While at first, such attacks seemed like an issue only in the Middle East, they later infiltrated Europe and have since made their way stateside.

From the tragedy in San Bernardino to Omar Mateen’s nightclub shooting in Orlando, a common connection in a colossal amount of despicable attacks all across the country seems to be that the perpetrators were extremely devoted to the religion of Islam. They were so devoted, in fact, that they were willing to kill and die for the reputation of their preferred ideology. Their devotion has made them extremely dangerous to the safety of everyone in the United States.

Because these attacks have become more common and more violent in recent memory, it is more important than ever to protect yourselves in any which way you can. Not all of these potential attackers will be as poorly prepared as Adan. Many carry firearms and explosives. As a result, receiving proper training on how to operate a gun is of vital importance in 2016 America.

Our Second Amendment rights have been under fire for years now, but events like this one serve as bold reminders of precisely why we cannot allow the Regressive Left to win their war on firearms. Our lives matter and we have a divine human right to ensure that ourselves and our families remain safe in spite of vicious attacks from religious extremists both abroad and homegrown.





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