John Kerry: Media shouldn’t cover terrorism, should leave people ignorant

In one of the most boneheaded, hilarious idiotic statements in recent memory, Secretary of State John Kerry stated that media outlets should stop doing their job by reporting on terrorist attacks and consciously ignore the truth so “people wouldn’t know what’s going on.”

Now, there are plenty of politicians that definitely want voters to be left in the dark on a multitude of issues, but what kind of simple-minded fool openly expresses that desire? How incompetent do you have to be to essentially tell American citizens that you don’t want them to know the truth about what kind of corruption our federal government is involved in?

It takes a truly remarkable moron to do something like that.

But should it really come as much of a surprise that a liberal idiot like John Kerry doesn’t want the American people to be enlightened to the truth? After all, if the citizens of our country wake up and acknowledge what’s really going on here, not only will they stop electing these crooked democrats into office, they’ll likely revolt in a way that terrifies the Regressive Left — by voting for republicans and libertarians.

It’s likely that the real reason Kerry doesn’t want the public to know exactly what’s going on in regards to terrorism is that they have been protecting the reputation of the Islamic religion by refusing to acknowledge the inherent danger of its radical followers. None of us are safe with these terrorists around, but due to financial gain, the authoritarian leftists cannot let that be known.

If you paid close attention to the Omar Mateen case in particular — in which the mainstream media and the liberal government made an absurd amount of excuses for why radical Islam wasn’t responsible for the deaths of fifty gay people — then it should be abundantly clear that these people will do anything in their power in order to protect that violent “religion of peace.”

By openly expressing his desire to prevent these truths from being exposed, Kerry proves what many of us already knew: our lives are significantly less important to these politicians than the feelings of the Muslim leaders. That, in and of itself, is horrifying.

Unfortunately for Kerry, the alternative media is alive and well, and we’re not going to shut up or intentionally ignore news simply because it may upset someone or make a group of politicians look bad. The American people have a right to know exactly what is going on here — and we’re going to ensure that the news gets to them.



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