African-Americans are being radicalized by Left-wing media to become domestic terrorists

The word is out in the black community, thanks to non-stop agitating by President Barack Obama and his sycophants in the Left-wing mainstream media: America’s police forces are filled with racists and they are ALL gunning for African Americans, so they are fair game.

That’s the mentality that led to the proliferation of the Black Lives Matter movement, a violent protest group whose followers are being radicalized to the point that they’re now becoming domestic terrorists.

In Dallas, a little more than a week ago, five police officers were shot and killed by a racist sniper – a former Army vet who told police he targeted white officers specifically, only wanted to talk to a negotiator who was black, and was upset about Black Lives Matter and police shootings involving black men.

In short, he bought into the garbage being preached by Left-wing media haters, like this idiot at the Huffington Post. Johnson was radicalized on the premise of a false narrative by people who hide their own racial bigotry and anti-white, anti-Christian bias behind the mantle of “journalism.” He became a domestic terrorist on the mistaken belief that men of his skin color don’t have a fair shot at becoming successful in America – even when the hard evidence proves otherwise.

Now we have three more police officers who were ambushed and killed in Baton Rouge, La., while three more were wounded. As of this writing, press reports say that the killer was Gavin Eugene Long, a black man from Kansas City, Mo., who now appears to be the latest radicalized African-American domestic terrorist.

Though little is known at this juncture about Long and his motives, there can be little doubt that the sensationalized anti-cop rhetoric coming from the so-called “mainstream media” had much to do with it.

Since the reign of Obama began, the media has sown racial hatred and division. Taking Obama’s cues – that despite a Civil War to outlaw slavery, civil rights legislation decades ago, and hiring and academic preferences for minorities, our country remains filled with racial animus and bigotry – the media has dutifully fanned the flames to the point that now we’re seeing young black men sacrifice their lives to attack those we pay to protect us and keep our civil society civil.

No rational, thinking person would deny that before Obama, America was not the land of racial harmony, per se. Racism – that is, mistrust, fear, stereotyping and suspicion of someone strictly on the basis of their ethnicity – is a human characteristic, and it has been, and will always be, part of the human condition. That is exists in America is not unique; racism is everywhere.

But no one can seriously argue that racial tensions aren’t worse now than before Obama took office. Now why is that?

America has always been particularly vulnerable to charges of racism because we are truly a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society. That’s what makes it so easy for race baiters and race hustlers like Obama, Al Sharpton, Marc Lamont Hill, Jesse Jackson and the Left-wing “progressives” in the media to pit us against each other based on our skin color. It’s shameful, but true nonetheless.

Make no mistake about it: Young African-American males are being radicalized to commit violence against our police by the left-wing media (which includes the entertainment industry, by the way) and the race hustlers in the same way that ISIS uses propaganda, untruths, and half-truths to convince young Islamists to commit acts of terrorism. Both factions are responsible for inciting violence, but the difference is the race hustlers in America inciting black men to kill get to hide out in the White House or claim the First Amendment protects them from liability.

The people who have incited others to kill police officers with hateful, dishonest rhetoric should not be permitted to hide behind the Constitution.


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