Clinton’s right hand aide Huma Abedin worked on September 11th with Saudi charity suspected of funding terrorists

Like the old adage goes, if you lie with the dogs, you get up with fleas. The same applies to dirty politicians, so we can never underestimate the disgusting nature of Crooked Hillary Clinton and all of those around her.

It was recently revealed that Huma Abedin — who has been Hillary’s aide for decades — had ties to a known terrorist group on September 11th, 2001. Abedin was working for an organization that shared an office with the Muslim World League, which has been suspected of funding terrorists by the federal government. It has been rumored that the government prematurely backed off their investigation due to pressure from Saudi Arabia.

Lee Stranahan of Breitbart reports, “This latest revelation ties the Muslim World League directly to the The Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs and the Journal for Muslim Minority Affairs, an organization that Vanity Fair writer William D. Cohan called ‘the Abedin family business.'” Even if the investigation had come back without any substantial evidence, calling off the search beforehand is just dangerous. After all, similar events led us to the Orlando shooting.

This wouldn’t be the first time that government officials went out of their way to hide the truth in regards to potential Islamic terrorism. Considering the direction the world is headed, it likely won’t be the last, either. We’ve been forced to walk on eggshells in an attempt to avoid offense at all possible costs. Not hurting anyone’s feelings has become more of a priority to the federal government than preventing mass murder.

The powers that be are clearly more concerned with financial gain and maintaining power than they are with the livelihood of the American people. They’ve proven this time and time again. Things are only going to get worse and preparing for awful things to happen has become a necessary way of life.




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