Obama blocks 75% of air strikes against ISIS targets… Whose side is he really on?


Many Americans are concerned that not enough is being done to combat ISIS, and now some recently released data has many people questioning if Obama is actually working for the terror group. After all, he appears to be doing his best to prevent the military from carrying out air attacks against Islamic state targets.

U.S. Central Command published statistics showing that American military pilots have been blocked from dropping a whopping three-fourths of their ordnance on terror targets. Much of the blame is being assigned to an Obama administration policy aimed at preventing the deaths of civilians and avoiding collateral damage.

Other countries do not hold themselves to such tight constraints. France dropped more than 20 bombs on key ISIS targets in the days immediately following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and Russia reportedly goes after its targets without giving civilians a second thought. In fact, some experts wonder if the Obama policy isn’t a way to pass off some of its dirty work to other countries, particularly in light of the fact that the recent French strikes forced ISIS to abandon as much as a quarter of the territories it held just a year ago in Syria and Iraq.

Source: freebeacon.com